With today’s evolving technology, there are thousands of new beauty products being manufactured and sold all over the world. We cannot deny that most of us tend to buy these products based on feedback, endorsers and product goal labelled. A few even stay loyal to a certain beauty brand and some switch to different ones depending on how they are advertised.

Many are, now, so conscious of what they are putting inside their bodies. For the reason that consumers are more communicated by the green movement, they start to notice the real benefits of choosing non-harmful products. Isn’t that a good sign!

Let’s talk about the basic first. The skin is your largest organ and what you apply on it (obviously being absorbed), goes directly into your blood stream and circulates throughout your body system. So just like food, instead of eating harmful ingredients, we should opt to use healthy ingredients.

This in mind, Green Heart Laboratories believes that going all natural, organic, chemical-free, synthetic-free, preservative-free and plant-based with products for skincare will develop consciousness over the ingredients used to manufacture a certain beauty product.  They teach you to stick with healthy habits because they have a “green” heart for you and your family. Oh you know, looking and feeling fabulous inside and out, that signifies “Green Beauty!”  It’s never too late or early to use organics!

Green Heart Laboratories have manufactured 6 all-organic brands for your hygiene and beauty regimen.  Good news?  Anyone can use the products! (Male, female, teenagers, adults, etc.) and it all won’t cost you thousands of Pesos! You know why? All the ingredients (natural-plant components), production methods and approaches, packaging are all locally done with keen observance of high quality! The right formulation, knowledge, research  and dedication are all it will take the team. Another important thing is the products (based on initial users feedback), are highly effective in addressing skincare and skin concerns. Sounds lovely? I think so, too! That is why I’m officially presenting to you the brands which will help Green Heart Laboratories  spread its mission and vision throughout the country, as well as, help you, consumers, boost your confidence with the beauty products you daily use!


SABEL (3 kinds of soaps) 

  • SABEL Detoxifying and Nourishing soap (Charcoal Stone)

Sabel Detoxifying and Nourishing Soap is a fusion of activated charcoal and sulfur. The combination of these two skin enhancers act as your natural anti-aging regimen and stimulant to awaken your body’s natural healing powers. 

  •  SABEL Exfoliating & Whitening

Sabel Exfoliating and Whitening Soap is your perfect solution to acne problems and uneven skin tone. The pure extract of Green Papaya Fruit and Leaf is a wonderful source of Vitamins A & C, BetaCarotene, Calcium, Niacin and Papain. This amazingly promotes lighter complexion and keeps your skin glowing while removing dead cells and excess sebum oil that may cause pimple formation. 

  •  SABEL Rejuvenating & Moisturizing

              Sabel Rejuvenating and Moisturizing Soap is your perfect aid in easing out fine lines caused by aging. It also detoxifies your body with its rich lather.  The tomato and avocado extract combination makes it a potent regimen to keep you and your skin all aglow. 

LOVETTE (lotion, toner, hydrating mist)


  • Lovette Lotion

Nourish your skin with Lovette Body Lotion. It leaves the skin feeling soft all throughout the day. It contains virgin coconut oil, sunflower oil, coco cream and beeswax. Apply lavishly all over your body and notice the visible glow. Bask in its soothing scent and smell sweet all day long.  

  •  Lovette Toner

Lovette Toner cleanses your pores, cut through the dirt while gently exfoliating your skin.  It contains all-natural and organic mint herbs, citric juices, and coco cream to keep your skin glowing all day. 

  •  Lovette Hydrating Mist

This Hydrating Mist is another great Lovette Skincare Collection.  Its all-natural cucumber extract combine with several mint herbs and citric juices makes your skin breathe and hydrate leaving you feeling cool, calm and relax yet energize, anytime of the day. 


LUNA (night cream)

  • LUNA Night Cream

Luna Night Cream hydrates and rejuvenates your skin that has been exposed to pollution and stress during the day.  The rich combination of virgin coconut oil or VCO, sunflower oil and beeswax gives the perfect balance of hydrating and lightening your skin.
SOLA (day base cream)

  • SOLA Day Cream with SPF30

Sola Day Cream is your healthy daily base cream that soothes and softens your skin.  It contains VCO, sunflower oil, beeswax and mineral clay to give you a great make up base.


NENA (feminine wash)

NOIRE (make-up, lip balm, lip gloss)

AIYA (foaming cleanser, make-up remover)

YORKc (personal hygiene)

GAIA (mask/mud pack)

Now, aren’t you thrilled by this line-up?! I’ve been using brands Lovette, Sabel, Sola and Luna for more than 2 weeks already and I’m totally loving all of it! From the smell of the products (which I’m addicted to), to the light weight feel after applying them, to the effective results I am seeing, to the cost of the products that won’t leave your pockets empty, I am in love. I recommend THE GREEN SKIN products to all of you! Especially to those who have really sensitive skin, like mine (that one application, red rashes the day after, ugh!)


As of this week, the brands I’m using (Lovette, Sola, Luna & Sabel) are readily available! Prder them through online! Send your messages in my Contact page or sms +639088670552.

Stay tuned for the unreleased brands! I’m sure you’ll love it too!




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